3 Ways to Tuck/Tie your T-shirt

A simple tuck or tie can instantly add interest to your outfit and make you look more stylish. Now you don’t have to tuck your whole top in for this. Sometimes that’s too much material being tucked or sometimes you want a more laid back look.

Let’s start with the most popular half tuck out there – the front tuck. This way seems to work with nearly everything. All I did was gather my t-shirt in the front and tuck it right behind the button on my pants. I then rolled the sides under.

If you have a more oversized shirt and feel like it’s not going to stay, you can use a clear elastic to gather the material, then tuck.

Next up is the side tuck. This great if you want a little tuck but don’t want to draw too much attention to it. Just gather the material on the side, tuck wherever you would like, and roll the sides under. There you have it – a perfect side tuck.

Lastly is the knot. Gather the material either in the front or on the side and tie in a knot. Now you can use a clear elastic instead for this if you don’t want to stretch out your top or feel like the know won’t stay.

This is a really cute way to layer a t-shirt or sweater over a dress or with a high waisted skirt.

I hope you have found this helpful! What are some style tips you would like to learn?

Check out my Insta @withgreatstyle for more tips and tricks, including a video on how to do these tucks and ties.

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