How to Style: Pleated Midi Skirts for the Holidays

Pleated skirts are everywhere at the moment and especially popular in the “midi” length – anywhere from mid-calf to just below the knee. The midi length originated in the 1940’s. An era known for its classic and elegant style.

Personally I have always loved the classic styles of this time period so it’s no wonder why I’m obsessed with this trend of the pleated midi skirt. So if you love this style too, but aren’t sure how to wear it, keep reading.

Let’s start with my favorite outfit. I wore this to see “The Phantom of the Opera”this weekend! To me a turtleneck is another classic style fit for a lady. So paired with a pleated skirt like this one and some show stopping a accessories, is a look of pure elegance. Also, black and red always work well together.

Next, keep the same turtleneck and skirt but switch up the shoes for a more edgy style with minimal jewelry. This makes the outfit feel fresh and less dainty.

Lastly with that same top and skirt, wear the turtleneck over the skirt and pop a skinny belt around your waist. This is great if you’re not a fan of tucking tops in or wearing bodysuits. I then paired this outfit with a simple pair of black pumps with a gold bow for a full on girly look.

Next up is animal print. I will never tire of leopard print and red together! Again I wore these girly black and gold pumps. These are Lauren Conrad from several years ago but I love how they resemble Kate Spade styles.

Continuing with animal print but switching it up with snake print, I love the look of a button down blouse with a pleated midi. Too it off with some low pumps and a belt to cinch in your waist. This would be a great office wear style!

Last of the animal print is another snake print but in a mockneck style and an emerald green midi paired with a skinny belt and some lace-up ballet flats. Emerald green is one of my absolute favorite colors to wear. Usually it is so hard to find but this year it is EVERYWHERE. I love it! This exact skirt is not available online so I have some similar and affordable options linked here and here, along with a couple of options for the flats here and here.

A little unexpected, but a gorgeous combo in my opinion is this green skirt with this royal blue printed cardigan. I love the two jewel tones together though I have not seen these paired together much. I decided to mix the prints a little by adding a printed cap-toe pump (old from DSW many years ago). I also added a pearl hair clip just for fun.

Keeping the hair clip, I swapped out the blue cardigan for a white cowl-neck sweater and popped on a pair of white and silver heels (old from Shoe Dept. Encore). This is a great holiday party outfit that will still keep you warm but allow you to dress up. Of course the heels can be switched out for flats or booties depending on weather and your own personal style.

Finally, it doesn’t get much more Christmassy than this! If you want to look incredibly festive, you can pair a red top like this satin cami, with a green midi and gold accessories.

Now if you don’t have a warmer red top, or you don’t live in a warm place, layer over a gold cardigan (or any metallic of your choice) to continue being festive yet comfortable.

So that wraps up some ways to style pleated midi skirts! Are you a fan of pleated midi’s? How would you style them?

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