How to Style: Hats for Winter

Hats are one of those accessories that instantly makes you look stylish while being practical to keep you warm in the colder months. While they are practical and stylish, many do not know how to style hats, so I have put together a few looks to give you some inspiration.

Let’s start with a basic beanie. These are definitely cozy and they can look really cute.

Keep it cool yet simple with a blazer, mockneck, and some fun booties. I found this blazer at my local TJ Maxx!

Or pair your beanie with a cozy sweater and faux fur coat to keep you looking chic and warm.

Next is another beanie style but without the pom. I love the girly style and lavender color of this one.

Pair it with a matching scarf and a neutral outfit. Skinny jeans and a turtleneck are great basics to have in your winter wardrobe. Bonus points for matching shoes! 😉

Moving on from the beanie, I love a vintage touch. Adding a turban is a fun way to incorporate some 1920’s inspiration.

I love the gold and sparkles of this particular style. This would be great for the holiday season but it can be toned down for everyday wear as well.

Here I paired it with a neutral mockneck, skinny jeans, and neutral lace-up booties. I then layered over a tailored light pink coat with a pink and gold scarf to compliment the gold turban.

Continue the 20’s inspiration by pairing your turban with a luxe faux fur coat and some cute low heels.

This is a great way to step up your casual winter outfit by swapping out your beanie for a turban and your puffer for a faux fur coat.

Continuing with the turban trend, a crochet or knitted turban is great if you are looking for a warmer option. Pair it with some booties and another faux fur coat to stay stylish and cozy.

Choosing (or making like I did) a turban in a bright color is a great way to add a bit of cheer to your winter wardrobe.

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a beret. They’re cute, classy, and add a bit of French influence. I love a bold red as a pop of color in a neutral outfit.

To give it a bit of edge, I paired a basic jeans and tee outfit with a star-studded faux leather jacket (under $20!) and some statement western influenced booties.

Of course a nice scarf is always a winter wardrobe staple. You may have noticed that I cuff my jeans slightly to show a bit of ankle with my booties. Doing so elongates the legs.

What kinds of hats do you like to wear in the winter?

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