Fall 2019 Fashion Favorites

We all have those pieces that we love to wear over and over again. These tend to be pieces that make us feel good and work well with everything in our wardrobes.

Here I will share with you what my favorite pieces have been so far this fall.

Let’s start with shoes! I have been IN LOVE with these white booties. I love that they sleek with aloe heel so they are comfortable all day long. They have also been a statement maker with a lot of outfits without being crazy outrageous.

Next are these lovely red booties. They have memory foam, making them ultra comfortable. I even wore these for a night out where I was on my feet all night long and my feet didn’t hurt nearly as bad as they have in other heels for that long. Plus they add a pop of color to any outfit.

Moving onto bottoms, I have been obsessed with this skirt since summer. I love the black and white print. It makes a statement without being too much and it pairs well with sweaters.

You can’t go wrong with a good pair of skinny jeans and both of these have been staples in my wardrobe. They fit really well and are so affordable!

As you can tell from these photos I’m really loving this simple leopard print long sleeve too! It’s a simple layering piece that adds interest with the trendy print. (I probably wear this top once a week 😉).

What are your fall fashion faves?

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