How to Style: Over-the-knee (OTK) Boots

Over-the-knee boots have been popular for the fall and winter months for quite some time now.

They’re both stylish and practical for keeping your legs warm, especially when wearing skirts and dresses. Although I consider these an A/W wardrobe essential (especially in colder climates like mine), many people are unsure how to style them. So here are some outfit ideas including three OTK boot styles.

First off let’s start with the easiest kind of OTK boots to wear – flat and of course black. A flat pair of black OTK boots can easily pair with jeans and sweaters for an all day, comfy outfit.

Just change up your accessories to give it a fresh look like I’ve done here. A scarf is always a safe and cozy accessory for any cold weather outfit but don’t forget about hats too!

I love a good hat. They instantly elevate any outfit and the best part is you can look chic while hiding dirty hair! Because who really enjoys washing their hair? Not me! That’s what dry shampoo is for. Haha.

Also, play around with your outerwear. Instead of a typical coat, why not try a blanket shawl? Fun outerwear always makes an outfit more interesting.

Next let’s move on to leather (or faux leather) boots. The pair I’m wearing has a heel. What I like about these is they don’t fall down but leather can be tricky so I prefer to wear this pair with jeans.

Today I paired them with black jeans because I like how the black on black elongates my legs.

Add some animal print and a scarf and you’re ready for all things fall.

Prefer to keep it neutral? No problem! Neutrals are always classic.

Mock necks and turtle necks are so chic and practical for the A/W seasons. This one is under $10 at Walmart!

Are you looking for a way to wear your favorite skirt or dress without freezing? Pop on a pair of suede OTK boots with a low block heel.

Here I paired mine with one of my favorite skirts from this summer and an olive green, mock neck, long sleeve. I also added the same hat from before to elevate the overall look.

To brighten this outfit up, I swapped out the olive green for a lavender, mock neck, sweater, also from Walmart. (You might remember it from my “Walmart Fashion Finds” post).

Lavender is also really popular for A/W 2019. It is being called “Millennial Purple” just like we had “Millennial Pink” (light pink) for several seasons.

Lastly, I paired these same boots with a sweater dress from Target. I love how soft this dress is and the color is perfect for fall.

You can wear tights with your OTK boots as the weather cools down more for added warmth.

So what do you think? Will you be wearing OTK boots this A/W season?

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