Smart Casual Outfits

I am so excited to share today’s blog post with you because I have teamed up with Bria Bella & Co. to bring you smart casual looks that will take you from the office to a night out.

Not familiar with Bria Bella & Co.? Bria Bella & Co. is a local boutique in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, owned and created by Tara Manzke.

“Bria” defines a strong woman, “Bella” means beautiful, and the “& Co.” includes all of us!  Bria Bella & Co. is a group of strong, beautiful women that together defines fashion rather than allowing fashion to define them.

Tara Manzke

Now how did I come to know Bria Bella & Co. you may ask? I worked there for nearly a year before I had my son.

Before I got hired, my husband, Kyle, and I were leaving the Madison area and I knew I needed to find not just a job, but some place that I felt I could continue to positively impact women’s lives. I happened to be researching boutique’s in the Stevens Point area due to a suggestion from one of Kyle’s soon to be co-workers and stumbled across Bria Bella & Co.

I loved that Tara’s mission was to empower every woman to feel beautiful, no matter their size or background. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful! That was a mission I could get on board with!

If you find yourself in the area, check out the store for yourself! If you can’t quite make it to the store, you can check out their website They carry size XS-3X and only offer limited quantities so not everyone is wearing the same thing!

Now that you know a little bit about them, let’s get into the styling!

Many offices have been choosing to go “smart casual” with their dress codes as of late. Tara and I both agreed that blazers are a pertinent piece in creating any “smart casual” look. The great thing about these blazers from Bria Bella & Co. is that they are SUPER STRETCHY!! Meaning you can comfortably move your arms while getting your work done. They are also a staple that is always carried at the store.

No more having to do that awkward shoulder roll to lift your arms up. Comment below if you know what I’m talking about!

As we discussed “smart casual” pieces, we also agreed on flare jeans. I don’t know if you ever watched, “How Do I Look?” with Finola Hughes as the host, but I always think of that show when I see flare jeans teamed with a blazer. I loved that show!

Anyway, these jeans have a lot of stretch, making them comfortable and easy to move in. They also have a high waist, adding length to your legs.

A structured bag always makes a great accessory for any work outfit. This black carryall handbag has lots of room for all of your essentials.

Not every blazer has to be black. A colorful blazer, like this blue blazer, is a fun and unexpected way to add interest to your outfit. Take it a step further and pair it with one of this years hottest prints – snake print.

Add neutral bag with a fun shape and buckle like this one so it continues to add interest to your outfit without overwhelming. Wear a pointed toe shoe to draw the eye up and down, making you appear taller and thinner.

Now let’s say you’re just not that into flare jeans, you prefer your skinny’s. That’s totally okay! I still love my skinny jeans too.

To keep things interesting, I chose a pair of medium wash skinny jeans rather than the typical dark wash. I then paired a bold red blazer over a textured metallic tank. Tucking in your top pulls everything together and keeps it streamlined.

For accessories I wore this unique bracelet from Bria Bella & Co., the same grey bag from the last outfit, and a printed pair of cap toe pumps that I have had forever.

Moving on from denim, let’s talk jumpsuits. Would you wear a jumpsuit to work? How about for a night out? Personally I love them because they’re an easy outfit that instantly makes you look chic, when they fit well that is. I have a long torso so I struggle finding jumpsuits that are long enough in that region. Fortunately this one fits perfectly!

I love the olive green shade of this jumpsuit, the tie detail, and the slits. If you aren’t a fan of the tie front, you can tie it in the back instead!

To give this jumpsuit a “smart casual” look, I paired it with a burgundy blazer. I just LOVE this color combo! In order to compliment the rich color palette, I added rose gold AND gold accessories. Who says you can’t mix metals?

But seriously, how cute is this bag?! It has kind of a “jelly” feel – like jelly sandals. The quilted pattern and gold chain make this bag so luxurious.

Make a statement with this plated necklace and add a hint of sparkle with this wrap bracelet.

Finally, we have come to the last look. Every woman needs a little black dress. It’s the perfect piece to take you from day to night, office to party. This dress comes in at the perfect length – just above the knee. It also has three-quarter length sleeves and a removable tie around the waist.

Here I opted to switch the tie out with a black and gold belt. I then continued with the black and gold theme through my shoes, handbag, and necklace.

Next I opted for a white blazer – not just any white blazer. This one is stretchy like the others I have featured today. Not only that, it has a peplum detail on the waist with a gold button to match the other accessories, and split sleeves.

You can wear this outfit a few different ways. First you can simply drape the blazer over your shoulders for a very elegant “I’m going to an upscale event” kind of look. Or you can wear it the “normal” way with it either open or buttoned. It’s up to you!

I hope you take the time to check out Bria Bella & Co. whether it be in-store or online. You can also find them on Instagram @briabellaco or on Facebook.

What do you think of these outfits? Comment below with your thoughts!

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4 thoughts on “Smart Casual Outfits

  1. Lovely outfits and you are a beautiful model for Bria Bella & Co. I especially love the white jacket! A very elegant look with your LBD and sparkly accessories!



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