How to Style: Black Jeans

Black jeans are an essential piece to every woman’s wardrobe. They effortlessly “dress up” any outfit. Plus, black is always slimming! I don’t know a single woman that doesn’t like that benefit! Here I have styled black jeans seven different ways.

“Always a Classic”

You can’t go wrong with the classic jeans and a t-shirt look! Just swap out your blue denim for black. Throw on a pair of heels to elevate your look, or pair with some flats for a casual, yet put together look.

“Denim on Denim”

This is NOT the Canadian tuxedo. Ha! Pairing two different colors of denim together makes for a simple yet stylish outfit. Just pop a denim jacket over your t-shirt and you’re ready for a cooler evening or a nice fall day.

“It’s all in the Sleeves”

Spice up an all black outfit with some statement sleeves, gold jewelry, and a fun handbag. Wearing all black looks instantly chic and gives a slimmer appearance.

“The Blazer”

Do you have a more relaxed dress code at work? Black jeans paired with a blazer are a great way to pull off “business casual” while still being comfortable. Make it more interesting by choosing a blazer with unique details such as the scalloped edging on mine, and some printed shoes. You could also style your jeans with a colored blazer!

“Olive is a Neutral”

Want to keep it neutral and low key? Utility jackets are so popular right now! That’s because they’re cute, come in an assortment of colors, and they’re easy to wear. They are especially popular in this olive green shade. I don’t know about you, but I consider olive green to be a neutral…same with leopard print. They’re neutral without being boring.

“Pretty in Print”

Break up the black with a printed top and a light cardigan. Add a cute bag and some wedges to make this outfit really pop! Just like I consider olive to be a neutral – I also consider light pink to be a neutral. Also the light pink and palm print make this a great cool, summer evening look.

“Make a Statement”

Want to stand out from the crowd and look super stylish? Layer a printed, satin kimono over an all black ensemble. Top it off with some colorful heels and a neutral bag. Wear this to a dinner party or out with the girls!

Which look is your favorite? Comment down below with your top pick and how you would style your black jeans.

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